Custom Material Handling and Shipping Fixtures Improve Worker Safety

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Savvy business owners know that custom, industrial strength material handling solutions are perfect for assembly lines, warehouses, distribution centers, stock rooms, and anywhere else that moving loads is required. Why? Because personalized solutions can:

  • Augment part protection
  • Improve inner plant logistics 
  • Increase shop floor space
  • Optimize your production line
  • Refine handling and staging

Did you also know that customizing your material handling and shipping fixtures can boost worker safety even more than a standard solution alone? Yes, it’s true—and we have proof. The following is just one of example of how a custom fixture can ensure worker safety.

Valley Box was tasked with creating a custom fixture for an Aeronautics Company that would streamline 3 steps into 1. Download our free infographic now to find out how Valley Box achieved this through several unique (and cost-effective) solutions.

Infographic Material Handling

As for boosting worker safety, Valley Box engineers and designers incorporated several proven safety solutions that instantly improved worked safety.

  • Engineers took into account all concerns including the overall height of the fixture. The fixture was built to "waist-level" for safety ergonomics.
  • Designers suggested adding strong, sturdy safety rails to prevent operators from standing too close to the fixture. 

This helped decrease safety accidents, which increased worker confidence.

About Costs

Custom Material Handling and Shipping Fixtures Aren’t as Costly as You Think!

Remember, custom material handling and shipping fixtures perform with respect to your own individual size, speed, capacity, duty cycle, safety features, and more. This creates a safer and less costly work environment by reducing accidents that could cause damage to products and materials, and by minimizing (or even eliminating) much costlier accidents involving personnel. This means, you save (in the short and long-term) by:

  • Avoiding the loss or precious capital on replacement and repair costs for damaged products, materials, and more
  • Avoiding the loss of man hours due to unnecessary accidents, which slows production
  • Avoiding possible workers’ compensation claims

From savings to earnings

And remember those benefits we mentioned earlier like optimizing your production line?  When operations are constantly working at their peak, production is fast, efficient, and profitable.

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