Custom Material Handling Equipment Takes Assembly Lines To Next Level

Manufacturers that create innovative products may have a hard time finding material handling parts, fixtures, and stands to accommodate their specific assembly line needs. Scouring the internet for stock racks and systems with heights, widths, and lengths that can be adjusted still may not meet the unique needs of the product. Custom material handling equipment provides the perfect solution to this problem, which is why many manufacturers choose this route. 

custom material handling equipment

Many of the manufacturers interested in custom material handling equipment already have an assembly line in place and are practicing Lean ManufacturingSix Sigma, or Kaizen techniques (Kaizen learn more). Basically, the company is continuously improving all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. The manufacture may be focusing on improving safety, ergonomics, space savings, versatility, or travel flexibility. Check out this article that expands upon the 5 Ways Material Handling Equipment Supports Manufacturing

These manufacturers have discovered that introducing custom material handling equipment into their existing assembly lines can improve their bottom line by reducing worker injuries, increasing productivity, and allowing workers to focus on the highest-value production activities.

The manufacturer's may already utilize stock racks, conveyors, and tables, but it is the spaces in between that need to be optimized. Fortunately, adding a fixture that can lift, sling, cradle, support and position products can positively affect those areas where employee ergonomics, safety, and efficiency come into play.

“Sure, the production line would continue running as usual without the custom fixture,” says Alicia Guillette, Vice President of Valley Box, “but every day that it runs inefficiently or at risk of employee injury, dollars are being wasted on overhead expenses.” 

custom material handling equipment

If the manufacturer has already invested the time to identify the holes in the assembly line, or are planning to, the next logical step would be to develop a solution that will pay for itself over time. Check out this infographic download.

Valley Box's Custom Fabrication department can help you through this next step. The development of the fixture is done at no cost to the customer. The customer only absorbs the cost of the first article and the production run thereafter.

“The price of the custom fixture will pay for itself in cost savings resulting from enhanced efficiency, employee accident reduction, and lower workers' comp rates,” says Guillette.

Cost savings by introducing custom material handling solutions can be seen in

custom material handling equipmentWhen it comes to choosing a custom material handling solution, Valley Box's Custom Fabrication department can help no matter what stage of the game your company may be in. Valley Box will evaluate your internal operating procedures to help streamline your manufacturing processes, enhance safety, and increase production.

Custom Material Handling Equipment

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