Improve Worker Safety with Positioning Equipment


Whether you have a massive manufacturing plant or a small production facility, adding material handling equipment into the mix is a smart choice. When you want to handle material at a single location, positioning equipment is an even smarter choice. Here’s why: without the right equipment, you run the risk of inadequately positioned objects and materials. This can lead to numerous safety issues for workers during handling, transport and storage, as well as machining. This poses a threat to your workers, your products, and your bottom line.  

Positioning Equipment and Worker Safety 

Besides the physical, emotional, and financial costs to workers and their families, workplace accidents can cost employers millions of dollars in revenue resulting from decreased production and sick leave pay alone. Employers are also left with the expense of sick leave and insurance payouts, recruiting and training new staff, and even early retirement.

To protect their workers and their business, smart manufacturers may employ positioning equipment such as:

  • Assembly Stands
  • Hydraulic Post Tables
  • Product Build Stands
  • Stock Movers or Pickers
  • Work Positioning Lifts

Custom Material Handling Equipment

Custom material handling equipment is designed for a specific task. This further enhances worker safety and other cost-savings. In fact, custom material handling equipment such as positioning equipment and fixtures can prove cost-effective when it comes to workflow agility, labor productivity, and throughput.

If you want to enhance worker safety, increase output, control costs, and maximize productivity, consider investing in material handling equipment. Smart manufacturers agree that whether you choose positioning equipment, transport equipment or a multi-use system, your investment will quickly pay off!

Custom Material Handling Equipment

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