Material Handling Equipment Enhances Transport for Manufacturers

Transporting products and parts from one place to another is a delicate process. This is the case whether you are moving something as tough as steel or as fragile as glass. Although productivity is high on the list of priorities for manufacturing companies, the safety of employees and the products they produce are of even greater concern. Fortunately there are ways to keep your products and workers safe without compromising throughput. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by incorporating material handling equipment.drying-rack

Transport Material Handling Equipment

Transport equipment is used to move material from one location to another. The type of transport equipment varies depending on where the products or materials are being transported such as, within an assembly line, between facilities, on a loading dock, into storage, etc. Just a few types of transport equipment include:

  • Canted Cradles
  • Dollies
  • Platform Cart
  • Material Handling Cart
  • Mobile Storage Cabinet
  • Parts Handling Cart
  • Service Cart
  • Sub-Assembly Transport Cart
  • Tool and Maintenance Cart
  • Truck

Custom Material Handling Equipment

While stock transport equipment is available in standard shapes and sizes, keep in mind you can also have equipment customized. If your product is unique you may not be able to find a suitable "off the rack solution". At that point custom material handling equipment can prove cost-effective when you factor in the areas of safety, throughput time, and damages.  Material handling equipment adds durable ergonomic mobility which helps reduce workplace injuries, streamline production lines and prevent damage during internal transit and sub-assembly shipping to other locations. 

Other Types of Material Handling

Positioning Equipment

Poorly positioned products and equipment can be dangerous for workers during transport, handling, storage and machining. It could also wreak havoc on your bottom line. To prevent worker injury and damage to products and materials, choose from positioning equipment such as work assembly stands, platforms, and stock pickers. If you require something tailored to your needs, customization is always a viable option.

Storage Equipment

Shelving, pallets, and storage carts are just a few types of storage equipment that can enhance processes and increase safety. Storage equipment helps reduce or eliminate clutter, organize other equipment and tools, and preserve floor and storage space. When work areas operate efficiently and safely, employees are safe.

Multi-Use Systems

Multi-use systems help speed up and simplify manufacturing processes. Staging stands, product build stands and isolators are just a few types of multi-use systems. These systems work by combining several products into one unit that can perform multiple tasks. Like storage equipment, multi-use systems can also preserve precious floor and storage space.

Custom Material Handling Equipment

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