Prevent Accidents in the Workplace

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates safety and health conditions in most private industries. It states that employers have a general duty to provide work and a workplace free from recognized, serious hazards. The very nature of warehouse operations and the shipping and receiving industry (moving and storing heavy objects, handling fragile and possible dangerous materials, chaotic at times), makes them an easy target for accidents and other costly mistakes.

material handling
Fortunately, there are ways for shipping and receiving companies to comply with OSHA rules and keep their personnel safe without compromising precious capital. One way is by utilizing work platforms or custom build stands, or other build solutions such as:

  • Carts (service, flat-deck industrial, multi-tier stock, panel sheet, cantilever, etc.)
  • Dollies
  • Mobile Storage Cabinets
  • Moving Devices
  • Trucks (stock picker, platform, easy access steel stock, steel cantilever stock picker, etc.)

When work platforms or build stands are preferred, these options can be easily fashioned to accommodate your needs and requirements. Customized for a specific task, platforms and build stands can prove cost effective in areas such as safety and factory throughput time-savings—a definite value added to your shipping and receiving or production line operation.

Besides safety issues, any shipping and receiving lead person or warehouse inventory controller can attest to the chaotic pace that products come in and must be separated and sent down the line. With companies running on leaner inventories in today’s turbulent economy, the need for Just In Time (JIT) service has really been pushed to the limit.

See how Valley Box helped one company:

  • Quell chaos by improving shop floor control = faster, more efficient service
  • Improve safety of personnel
  • Decrease damage to inventory, shipments, parts, materials, etc.
  • Increase (easy) access to inventory, shipments, parts, materials, etc.
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Material Handling
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