Tire Changer Rack Case Study

Valley Box Company tackled a material handling fixture challenge for an Aeronautics company by designing a unique Tire Changer that integrates three steps into one; remove a tire from the rim, mount new tire and seal the bead. The customer was most concerned about the fixture accepting multiple sized wheels and that the finished height would be suitable for safe employee operation.

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Our design team creatively developed a multi-step solution. During design the overall height of the fixture was built to “waist-level” to take into account safety concerns, safety rails were also installed to prevent other employees from standing to close to the fixture during operation. Easily adjustable plates were added to allow for wheel diameter flexibility on the fly.


  • Reduced labor by 30%
  • Accepts multiple size wheels
  • Streamline: 3 steps into 1
  • Waist level ergonomics
  • Decreases safety concerns

“This product is so unique! There isn’t another one like it on the market.” Jim Becker 

Valley Box Company Inc.
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