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Did you know that customization is more in demand today than ever before? This is true in just about every industry from Aerospace to Waste Management. Customers are demanding products and services tailored to their specific needs for reasons ranging from economic to environmental. This is especially true in manufacturing, where material handling equipment has to fit the task at hand perfectly for peak production, enhanced safety, and more.

The following case study shows how opting for a custom design helped increase safety, reduce labor, and much more. An aeronautics company needed a assembly fixture that integrated three steps into one—remove a tire from the rim, mount the new tire, and seal the bead.


Valley Box engineers designed and built an assembly fixture to "waist-level" for safety ergonomics, and easily adjustable plates were added to allow for tire diameter flexibility on the fly. Valley Box engineers suggested guarding by proximity by adding strong, sturdy safety rails to prevent operators from standing too close to the fixture during operation. The final custom design underwent intensive testing before being approved by the aeronautics company. Once in service, the assembly fixture helped the company streamline its process which led to:

  • A 30 percent reduction in labor
  • Broadened capabilities
  • Decreased safety accidents
  • Waist-level ergonomics

Learn more about Valley Box’s material handling equipment. Download the full material handling case study here. It’s free!

Custom fixtures can provide similar benefits and more to just about any business. Other benefits of custom material handling equipment include:

  • Greater part protection
  • Improved inner plant logistics 
  • Increased shop floor space
  • Optimized production lines
  • Refined handling and staging

These benefits help:

  • Boost production
  • Enhance worker safety
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce labor

Custom Assembly Fixture Cost & Environment Savings 

metal-scrap-recycling-731609-editedSo, we’ve established that custom fixtures can help minimize or eliminate waste when it comes to space and labor, but can customization eliminate other types of waste and help clear the path to a cleaner environment? Yes it can! Custom material handling equipment can reduce manufacturing waste, such as scrap, which can end up in landfills. Pollution from landfills can poison the air, rivers and soil. Further, the disposal of manufacturing waste materials takes a sizable amount of precious energy and other resources—resources we cannot afford to deplete.

And what about cost savings? Custom assembly fixtures and other customized material handling equipment perform according to your precise specifications. This creates a safer and more efficient work environment by reducing accidents that could damage products and materials, and by decreasing or eliminating even costlier accidents involving personnel. Your company saves money by:

  • Avoiding the costs associated with the replacement and repair of damaged products, materials, and machinery
  • Preventing the loss of manpower due to unnecessary accidents
  • Minimizing workers’ compensation claims

When operations (and people) are constantly working at their peak, production is fast, efficient, and profitable. Get started today by talking to Valley Box about your custom material handling and fixture needs.

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