5 Reasons to Invest in a Custom Fixture

Even the most durable material handling equipment needs protection, especially when it's exposed to the elements, heavy-duty manufacturing, and construction. In many of these cases, only a custom configuration will do. Fortunately, a custom design doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, by choosing a custom design that fits your specific material handling equipment, you will actually save money in the long-term. How? By avoiding the expensive repair or replacement costs that come with damaged equipment or systems. And that's just the beginning. 

A reusable container acting as a fixture housing offers a number of benefits besides savings. The case study below is a good example of the significant benefits of investing in fixture housing—custom or not!

Case Study: Fixture Housing


An international airline needed a solution that would protect their expensive pulley system, yet still allow mechanics easy access to the system. The equipment, used to remove and service engine cowlings, was constantly at risk of damage due to exposure to the elements. Valley Box had a solution. By creating a skid and top box configuration, the pulley system would be protected and mechanics would have easy access.

Link-locks secured the top box and were released by hand and then the lid was removed with a forklift using the lifting rings. An accessory box stored the ancillary parts for the pulley system, which allowed mechanics to change parts on the fly. In addition, both boxes matched the airlines branding for identification purposes.

The custom design offered the following benefits: 

  1. Increased lifespan of pulley system
  2. Decreased corrosion to equipment
  3. Protected from the elements
  4. Easy access design
  5. Easy to identify

In addition, the custom design did not increase service times, which would cost more time, money, and labor. Bad news for your business's bottom line! 

Custom Fixture: Good Investment

A fixture housing is a great investment because it offers the following five benefits:

1. Increased Lifespan of Material Handling Equipment or Systems
2. Protection from the Elements
3. Less Chance of Corrosion and Other Damage
4. Easy Access and Identification
5. Short- and Long-Term Savings

Valley Box can provide you with the right tools to optimize your processes and increase your service capabilities, all while increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Contact a Valley Box specialist today to discuss your material handling equipment needs.

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