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San Diego Crating Expert Series: Improving Wooden Shipping Box

san diego crating wooden shipping box lifecycle

Valley Box Company, a San Diego based wooden shipping crate manufacturer, hosts a free series which focuses on the best practices for developing a successful packaging lifecycle.

This series is titled, “Improving Packaging Performance” and is presented by Alicia Guillette, Valley Box Company’s Vice President. Viewers will discover valuable insights to help improve upon current crating design methods and processes.


The free online videos are hosted on Valley Box Companies youtube channel.

“In this series we cover how to reduce wooden shipping crate costs, decrease damage claims, reduce storage space, increase ease of use when packing & unpacking, and reducing waste” Guillette says. “We hope to inspire viewers to rethink their current wooden shipping crate design and make decisions that will save their company money."

The series is intended for executive decision makers, purchasers, buyers, product engineers, and others who are tasked with the crating and handling of their company’s products.

In this series, Guillette will engage in a dialogue discussing seven key elements to the packaging lifecycle:

  1. Packaging Design - Watch the Video - Read the Blog - View the Slideshow
  2. Product Assembly - Watch the Video - Read the Blog - View the Slideshow
  3. Packaging Process - Watch the Video- Read the Blog - View the Slideshow
  4. Transport and Handling - Watch the Video - Read the Blog - View the Slideshow
  5. Storage - Watch the Video - Read the BlogView the Slideshow
  6. Destination Unpack - Watch the Video - Read the Blog - View the Slideshow
  7. Evaluation of Performance - Watch the Video - Read the Blog - View the Slideshow

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